Kang Sora Keeps “Misaeng” Viewer Ratings Promise Through Chicken + Beer Party with Office Employees

Actress Kang Sora has successfully carried out her viewer ratings promise for the tvN drama “Misaeng.”

On November 8, the actress’s agency, Will Entertainment, revealed that Kang Sora enjoyed a ‘Chi-Maek’ (Chicken + Beer) party with office employees of a company she personally chose, this past November 7.

Last month, on October 23, the cast of “Misaeng” made promises to viewers in the case that the drama’s ratings surpass 3%. Kang Sora promised, “If ‘Misaeng’ surpasses 3%, I will choose a company and treat [everyone] with chicken + beer! Please let me treat you.” Following this promise, the actress borrowed out a chicken restaurant and invited dozens of office employees to eat and spend time together.

Dressed from head to toe as her character in the drama, Kang Sora sat down and discussed things about the drama as well as the ups and downs of office workers’ lives together with all of the invited employees. It is said that the actress energized the atmosphere with her bright and upbeat personality.

Meanwhile, after reaching 3.1% in viewer ratings with its third broadcast, the cable network drama recorded 4.7% after just three weeks of being on air. “Misaeng” airs every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. (KST).

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