Rocker Kim Kyung Ho Releases Pictures from His Wedding

Rocker Kim Kyung Ho has released few images from his wedding on November 8.

Now Wed, the wedding consulting firm that worked with Kim Kyung Ho, revealed, “It was a quiet wedding with only family members and close acquaintances. The couple looked very happy during the wedding.”

Actor Lee Soon Jae officiated the wedding, while Yurisangja‘s Lee Se Joon performed the nuptial song.

Kim Kyung Ho’s wife is a Japanese woman working in finances who is 13 years his junior. They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend in 2011.

Kim Kyung Ho debuted in 1994. He then rose to fame with hits like “People Who Make Me Sad,” “Forbidden Love,” and “Cold-Hearted.”

Congratulations to the newly wed couple!