Haru Charms As She Transforms Into A Little Baseballer on “Superman Returns”

On the November 9 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” viewers will find out what the father and daughter tandem of Tablo and Haru were up to when they filmed Episode 51, “Secret from Mom.”

During the filming of Episode 51 that gathered attention last October 11, the father and daughter tandem visited a pro baseball match wherein Haru charmed his uncle baseball players by her cuteness. Wearing her little baseball uniform with her name “Haru” printed on the back, Haru looked like a little baseballer and captivated the hearts of the pro athletes.

Haru prepared a present for the athletes in order to cheer them on. Holding a vitamin box, she gave away vitamins at the dugout while saying, “I hope you win,” to the athletes. The baseball players were all charmed by Tablo’s daughter and smiled as they said, “Aigoo, you’re so pretty” to Haru.

The baseball players, who were all captivated by Haru, scrambled to have the chance to teach Haru how to pitch a ball. Through the teaching of the pro baseball players, Haru was able to successfully throw a baseball. After Haru went down from the mound, she let out a cute sigh, “Whew. (The glove) was heavy, I couldn’t bear it,” which the athletes found really adorable.

Catch this episode of “Superman Returns” today, November 9, 4:50 p.m. (KST).