Lee Gook Joo’s Romance Fortunes Revealed on “Roommate”

Lee Gook Joo went to get her Tarot cards read with her roommates Sunny and Nana on the latest episode of “Roommate.”

At the shop, Lee Gook Joo decided to get her fortunes regarding her love life read. The fortuneteller told Lee Gook Joo, “You have a lot of work, so it’s hard for you to have romantic relationships.” She also added, “But you will have luck by the end of the year.”

She also asked about her connection to one of her male housemates. When Nana and Sunny asked her, “Is it Jackson or Kang Joon?” She refused to tell them, saying that it’s a secret. Nonetheless, to her disappointment, the fortuneteller told her, “You are just acquaintances, nothing more.”

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