missA’s Suzy Responds to Hater on Twitter

missA’s Suzy has shown that she is like everyone of us who can reach her tipping point and fight back when provoked.

According to TV Report on November 10, the nation’s first love Suzy has broken her silence and responded to a Twitter user who has been sending her hateful messages last month.

The Twitter user, whom TV Report chose not to name, has left hurtful tweets on Suzy’s Twitter such as “You unfortunate person… I hope you get into a car crash and die…” and “Be banished from the entertainment world! Get into a car accident and die.”

While messages like this could easily be buried by other messages from Suzy’s fans, the Twitter user must have sent Suzy a lot of messages that she was able to see some of them. On November 9, Suzy replied to this Twitter user and said, “I see, you hope that I die.”

Suzy Twitter

At a guesting on the KBS 2TV show “The Human Condition” in December last year, Suzy mentioned that she looks at everything positively, including hateful messages. “However, when I get stressed, I scream and run by the Han River,” Suzy revealed how she gets over hateful messages. (Maybe running by the Han River didn’t work this time?)

Meanwhile, Suzy will be seen next in the upcoming movie “Dori Artist” wherein she stars alongside Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim Nam Gil, and Song Sae Byeok.

Good on you, Suzy! But please don’t be affected by messages like these from trolls next time. They’re not worth your precious time. �de42


JYP Entertainment has stated to the media that it will handle this as it does in any other cases of hateful comments- the agency’s legal team will look into the situation and report to the police if need be.

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