Highlights: “Modern Farmer,” Episode 7

Episode 7 of “Modern Farmer” starts off with Lee Min Ki and Kang Yoon Hee at the home of Lee Min Ki’s mother. We see Lee Min Ki’s obvious discomfort and displeasure as Kang Yoon Hee tries to make small talk with her and her little girl. It is soon revealed that the girl is Lee Min Ki’s stepsister — the father ran off with another woman long before.


Sadly, we come to find that Kang Hyuk, who said that he was going off to see his “girlfriend,” has actually gone to the resting place of his deceased mother. It’s her birthday, and he brings her a bouquet of flowers and tells her about living in the village, especially about Kang Yoon Hee, who is so similar to her.


Since Lee Soo Yun won’t tell Yoo Han Chul why she rejected him, Yoo Han Chul decides to sit outside her room until she does so. Of course she manages to sneak out as he dozes. When he checks and finds that she’s not there, Yoo Han Chul gives up and starts walking home. However, he chances upon Lee Soo Yun digging in one of the fields. She manages to convince him that she’s just stealing the sweet potatoes because she really likes them and the “thrill” of stealing them.


On their way back from Seoul, Kang Yoon Hee suddenly gets an upset stomach and needs to go to the bathroom before she has an accident.


However, when they go into a building trying to find a bathroom, they come across Yoo Na, the idol Lee Min Ki still has feelings for. Since they can’t find a bathroom and Yoo Na lives in the building, Kang Yoon Hee begs to use her bathroom.


When Kang Yoon Hee overhears Lee Min Ki tell Yoo Na that she was not his first love, that it’s a misunderstanding, she becomes annoyed and a little curt with Yoo Na. Yoo Na also learns that the group is farming cabbages in order to make money for an album.


When Lee Min Ki runs back to be with Yoo Na after they leave, Kang Yoon Hee is left with no choice but to let Kang Hyuk drive. This of course is a terrible idea, because he doesn’t know how. Unsurprisingly, he ends up running the truck off the road.


Staying back with Yoo Na, Lee Min Ki brings beer and together they reminisce about the past. Not wanting to ruin the moment, Lee Min Ki chooses to ignore a call from Kang Yoon Hee, who’s stuck off the road with Kang Hyuk.


With Lee Min Ki not answering his phone, Kang Yoon Hee is once again out of options. She calls for a driving service, pretending that she has a baby on the way and that Kang Hyuk is her useless husband. Not only does she save the day, she also manages to get a discount, since the driver feels so sorry for her!


The group’s cabbage-growing training is working! They have finally gotten the seeds to sprout. Hwang Man Goo, however, is quick to rain on their parade by telling them that they’re nowhere near done working.


When Hwang Man Goo finally approves of the sprouts’ growth, he has the group transplant them into the field. But of course, the group quickly tires and opts to take a break.


Yoo Mi Young’s daughter is not happy being in the village and wants to go back to Seoul. However, we come to learn that the reason they moved was because Yoo Mi Young went bankrupt. Regardless, the daughter is still upset, going as far as to tell her mother she hates her.


When Yoo Mi Young tries to bring up some pleasant memories between her and Park Sang Deuk, the latter rejects her. He says he wants those memories erased because of how much he went through.


Kang Hyuk takes another step with his feelings and gets himself closer to Kang Yoon Hee, physically and mentally. However, he is quick to turn it into a joke even though it’s obvious that he was serious.


Lee Min Ki tells Kang Yoon Hee that he doesn’t care if Yoo Na returns his feelings, but that he wants to protect her regardless. The episode ends on a lighter note after Kang Hyuk joins the two and they all have a drink while commenting on the stars.

Now for my favorite scenes of Episode 7!

  1. Lee Min Ki giving his stepsister money.


It wasn’t a small bundle either. Even if he tries to not show it, Lee Min Ki is a good kid when it comes to family.

  1. Fiction and reality collide: Part 1.


If you haven’t noticed already, Lee Soo Yun, in reality, is Mina of AOA. Yoo Han Chul sang the song on the way back from digging with Lee Soo Yun.

  1. Fiction and reality collide: Part 2.


After Kang Yoon Hee dismissively commented that Yoo Na wasn’t that pretty in real life, Yoo Han Chul responded that women think other women look plain when in reality they’re attractive. When Kang Yoon Hee says she judges objectively, Yoo Han Chul asks her what she thinks of Honey Lee. And of course she responds with what’s basically a rip on herself.

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