Highlights: “Modern Farmer” Episode 8

Episode 8 of “Modern Farmer” begins with the discovery that there are crops that are being stolen during the night. Hwang Man Goo is hit especially hard by the theft—his crop was already three years in the making. He took care of them like they were his children.


While on the newly formed night patrol, Park Sang Deuk comes across Yoo Mi Young. She confesses to him that she hadn’t moved on like nothing bad had happened between them, and that she got what she deserved in getting divorced and her father getting sick. She finally apologizes for the past 17 years.


Yoo Han Chul had run off earlier to find Lee Soo Yun, knowing she would be digging in the fields that night. Since the sweet potatoes were one of the crops that were obviously missing, Yoo Han Chul wanted to warn her so she wouldn’t get caught. However, in the process of trying to tell her, one of the patrols shows up.


Not wanting Lee Soo Yun to get caught, Yoo Han Chul reveals himself and takes all the blame for the sweet potato “pilfering.”


When Kang Yoon Hee sees pianist Lee Hyun Suk come onto the TV screen, she immediately becomes visibly distressed. She turns off the TV and demands that Kang Min Ho go to bed. When he does so with Yoon Hye Jung, Kang Yoon Hee’s brother realizes the man is “the one”—the father. Kang Yoon Hee demands that he never tell anyone.


Lee Min Ki and Kang Yoon Hee discover the thieves! Lee Min Ki tries to stop them, wrestling with one of them, but ends up getting hit in the head with a shovel by the other. They escape as Kang Yoon Hee runs to Lee Min Ki’s aid.


When Lee Min Ki wakes up in the hospital, Kang Yoon Hee clings to him and cries because she was scared that he had died. After calming down, she tells Lee Min Ki to never tell anyone what she had done. Of course, we all know he’ll try using it against her in the future.


Still very sensitive about his crops being stolen, Hwang Man Goo goes off on two women who picked some apples as they walked by. After restraining Hwang Man Goo for a few moments, Park Sang Deuk explains to the women the situation and asks them to not do it again.


Finding that elk have been eating their little cabbages, the group learns that music scares away the elk. Being that they’re a band, they do what they do best.


As a favor for him covering for her, Yoo Han Chul asks Lee Soo Yun for a date. Though the thought of a date is less than ideal for her, Lee Soo Yun realizes she has no choice but to accept.


It seems that Han In Ki has a past related to music. As he walks down the path humming a song, he sees the group’s instruments. He immediately goes to the guitar and seems to have a moment of reminiscence. But as soon as the group shows up, he quickly leaves in a huff.


To Lee Soo Yun’s displeasure, Yoo Han Chul pulls out couple shirts for them to wear on their date. Though she begrudgingly agrees, things just get worse and worse for her as time goes on.


When Lee Min Ki, Kang Yoon Hee, Hwang Man Goo, and Sang Deuk stumble upon Yoo Mi Young’s new coffee shop, they stop in. However, two men enter and start harassing Yoo Mi Young. As the men cause more trouble, Lee Min Ki finally steps in when Kang Yoon Hee gets pushed to the ground. As he fights with one of the men, he realizes that the men were the thieves.


When the men try to escape, the ultimately get taken down by Park Deuk Chool and his Taekyun.


Let’s just say the date didn’t go very well for Yoo Han Chul. As the paramedics try to wheel him away, Yoo Han Chul stops them, saying he has to tell Lee Soo Yun something before he goes. He professes his love and asks her to go out with him. Though not fully willing to accept, Lee Soo Yun is pressured into a response by the paramedics. She accepts for his sake.


Who is that? Behold, the pretty face that is Bul Ja (or Song Hwa Ran, as previously revealed). Needing a picture for her mother’s birthday, Bul Ja is given a bit of a makeover. And boy does she catch Han Ki Joon’s attention. Maybe things are looking up for the couple?

Now for my favorite scenes of episode 8!

  1. Lee Soo Yun’s profile drawing of the thief based on Lee Min Ki’s description.


Looks just like him, to be honest.

  1. Lee Soo Yun’s face when Yoo Han Chul drops kimchi onto her lap.


This isn’t even a mid-frame shot. This was her actual expression.

  1. Yoo Han Chul’s comment on his picture with Lee Soo Yun


Everything is sunshine and daisies in his eyes. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

So what did you guys think? Discuss how you think things are going below!

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