SM Town Quiz: Do You Recognize These Eyes?

Calling all fans of SM Town! How well do you know your SM artists? If you can only see their eyes, would you still recognize some of these famous artists? Click through the pictures to test your knowledge! If you need some help, a simple hint is included by every picture. Tally your score at the end to see how well you know your favorite entertainment company.


To start things off, have a look at this natural beauty in the early days of their career. Is it any wonder their nickname used to be Cinderella?


It’s the eternally handsome Heechul from Super Junior!


For different reasons, the hearts of both female and male fans were broken when it was confirmed that this artist was in a relationship.


It’s the mega-talented Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation!


Danger! Whether going for a natural look or sporting super heavy eye-shadow and a nose ring, this sexy artist always looks fantastic.


It’s talented solo artist and SHINee member, Taemin!


This classic beauty was actually discovered by SM Entertainment at the age of five but decided not to sign with the agency until six years later.


It’s gorgeous Krystal from f(x)!


Despite being shown in black and white, you should recognize this famous artist from their mirotic stare and strong eyebrows.


It’s the fiercely handsome Yunho from TVXQ!


The gorgeous and talented artist pictured here is famous for these eyes, which are reminiscent of a certain fuzzy animal.


It’s the sizzling sexy Tao from EXO!


A relatively new addition to the SM family, this artist debuted in a group whose first music video was deemed “offensive” and “insensitive” by some fans.


It’s the super adorable Irene from Red Velvet!


What list of eyes could be complete without the sad, puppy-dog eyes of this artist? A fellow group member likes to refer to them as “taco eyes.”


It’s the always sigh-worthy Donghae from Super Junior!


This charming artist is well-known for their addiction to eyeliner. They are also well-known for their addiction to the catchphrase, kkepsong!


It’s the adorable and charming Baekhyun from EXO!


Take a good look at these eyes and you will know why this artist has been termed one of this generation’s most naturally beautiful people.


It’s gorgeous Yoona from Girls’ Generation!


Don’t let this artist’s fierce fashionista ways fool you- they are well-known for being gentle and kind, as evidenced by their love of babies and puppy dogs.


It’s the flawless and beautiful Key from Shinee!

Amberfx2 (1)

Besides being a fan favorite, this cutie pie is also a close friend of many other artists. Without makeup, the singer is known to have several look-alikes in the SM family.


It’s funny and adorable Amber from f(x)!


Tally your correct answers, then click to the final page to view your score.


1-3 Correct Answers: SM Trainee

4-6 Correct Answers: SM Rookie

7-9 Correct Answers: SM Sunbae

10-11 Correct Answers: SM Legend

12 Correct Answers: You might be a sasaeng!

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