[VIDEO] Super Junior Goes Folk Village Clubbing on AS4U

This week marked the second episode of “A Song For You” with special guests Super Junior! Episode 15 featured the usual game corner and “sneak-peek into star’s daily lives” featuring Donghae’s very unique storytelling abilities. Also, Yook Sungjae continued making enemies and Super Junior takes musical chairs very, very seriously.

Catch our highlights from the episode and watch the whole video at the bottom of the page!

1. Sungjae looking to die.

as4u-sungjae-surprise as4u-sungjae-kinda

Eunhyuk is kinda… what? Dumb? Slow? Man, last in looks and last in brains according to Sungjae?

2. Cute musical chairs until the pile up…

as4u-super-junior-dance as4u-super-junior-pile-up

… pretty sure they lost Sungjae in there.

3. The teams’ secret weapons…

as4u-kyuhyun-thighs as4u-sungmin-shindong-butt

Kyhuyun’s thighs (obviously) and Sungmin/Shindong’s bums.

4. Clubbing in a traditional Korean folk village.


A feat only Super Junior can really pull off.

5. A final performance to end their AS4U run!


The members perform “This Is Love” – to show their love for all of their “super fans!”

Catch all of the hilarity in the full episode now:

Oh – and this week there were more Soompiers featured in the episode! It was thanks to them that we all were able to enjoy Super Junior playing musical chairs. Help make other fan’s dreams come true by recommending great songs or great games for JJCC and Cross Gene’s upcoming episodes of AS4U by entering the Soompi AS4U contest now!

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