GOT7 Releases Album Spoiler Video for Upcoming First Album “Identify”

JYP Entertainment‘s rising boy group GOT7 has released an album spoiler video to promote their upcoming first full-length album, “Identify.”

The video provides brief samples of the songs that will be on the album, starting with the title track, “Stop Stop It.” This track, also the first track on the album, is written by Park Jin Young.

The second track is “Gimme,” a catchy electronic track written by Joyul of indie rock band Princess Disease. 

The third track and fourth track on the album are “Hands Reaching Out” and “Girl Like You,” where the group’s rappers really shine.

The fifth track and sixth track are smooth R&B tracks titled “Just Tonight” and “Turn Up the Volume.” “Stay Like That” is the seventh track on the album, and “Moonlight” is the eighth track on the album. Jackson wrote the rap lyrics to “Moonlight.”

She’s the Monster” is the last track on the nine-track album.

The music video for GOT7’s first album will be released on November 17 at midnight, while the album will be released digitally the following day.

Check out the spoiler video below.