How Did Joo Jin Mo React When He Found Out He’ll Act With Girls’ Generation Seohyun?

Actor Joo Jin Mo has recently talked about how he felt when he knew he was acting with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun who’s 17 years his junior.

On the November 16 broadcast of the MBC show “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” actor Joo Jin Mo, Bada, and Seohyun came to the show to talk about their musical, “Gone with the Wind.”

During the interview, Seohyun was asked about her thoughts acting with an older man just like her co-Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung who acted alongside actor Kam Woo Sung, who is 20 years her senior, in “My Spring Day.” Before Seohyun could answer, Joo Jin Mo grabbed the mic and said, “What’s so important about age,” and made everyone laugh.

Joo Jin Mo, who is 17 years older than Seohyun, added, “When I first heard that I will be partnered with Seohyun, I screamed, ‘This is exciting,’ and made everyone around me laugh.”