After School’s Lizzy Talks About the Person Who Revealed Her Past High School Photo

On the November 15 broadcast of KBS’ variety program “The Human Condition,” After School member Lizzy opened up about the circulation of her past photo during the ‘Cheap Living’ special of the show.

On this day, the other cast members brought up Lizzy’s past photo that recently regained attention online. In regard to the photo, Lizzy confessed, “I think I know who posted it,” to which the others asked, “Do you keep in contact with that person?” The After School member shared, “[The person] occasionally contacted me and asked if I’m doing well, but not anymore.”

Lizzy then opened up about being hurt following the spread of her high school photo, explaining, “Many people said they lost interest [after seeing it]. Since it’s really different from my current face.” However, she was still able to laugh about it with the cast members and even revealed it on broadcast once again.