MAMAMOO Previews Powerful Vocals in “Piano Man”  Teaser Featuring B1A4’s Gongchan

Girl group MAMAMOO has unveiled a music video teaser for their new release entitled “Piano Man.”

Featuring B1A4’s Gongchan, the video is set against the backdrop of a jazz bar from the 60s and 70s showcasing the group’s powerful dance and even more powerful vocals.

Gongchan, presumably the ‘piano man’ of the song, gives off a mysterious energy, wearing a classic trench coat and a fedora that covers his eyes, and already, anticipation is high for the story and song to be revealed with the music video.

The video will be shot by director Kwon Soon Wook (BoA’s brother), whose previous works include g.o.d’s “Saturday Night” and Red Velvet’s “Be Natural,” as well as works for groups Girl’s Day and Crayon Pop.

MAMAMOO’s new release will become available on November 21.