Song Chang Ui Loses 5kg for His Role on OCN’s “Doctor Frost”

Actor Song Chang Ui has lost five kilograms (approximately 11 pounds) for his role as a genius psychologist on OCN’s new drama, “Doctor Frost.”

In order to perfectly portray the extremely intelligent but cold character, the actor has reportedly lost a noticeable amount of weight over the past month. Despite his busy schedule, Song Chang Ui made alterations to his diet and attended boxing classes in order to slim down his body.

While Song Chang Ui is usually known for his gentle and approachable image, he has made a total transformation for his latest lead role. In the stills, the actor appears noticeably sharper and slimmer than before, and the blonde hair completes his image as the chic and smart Frost.

“Doctor Frost” is based on a popular webtoon by Lee Jong Bum. The drama will premiere on November 23 at 11 p.m.