GOT7 Shares That 2PM Wanted Their New Title Track “Stop Stop It” as Their Own

On November 17, the members of GOT7 opened up a comeback showcase for the release of their very first full-length album titled “Identify.”

During the showcase, the members talked about their new title track: “We’re honored and thankful to receive such a good song like ‘Stop Stop It.’ It’s an honor because our agency seniors also wanted this song, but we were given the opportunity. When we first received the song, it was a great listen so we really hoped to come out with this song.”

GOT7 also revealed, “2PM member Wooyoung hyung wanted our title song. He asked producer Park Jin Young for the song for 2PM. 15& also said the lyrics were good and asked if they could do the song. Many other agency artists told us the song was good.”

The group also stated their goal, explaining, “We want to get first place. We’ll work that much harder. Our song is good, but it’s really up to how hard we work.”

Meanwhile, GOT7 plans to kick off official promotions with “Stop Stop It” through a comeback stage on the November 20 broadcast of Mnet’s “M!Countdown.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think GOT7 is the best match for the song?