Highlights: “Modern Farmer,” Episode 10

1. Park Sang Deuk offers to take care of Yoo Mi Young’s daughter and father.


When Park Sang Deuk happens to witness Yoo Mi Young’s father’s caretaker telling Yoo Mi Young that she is quitting, he offers to watch her family while she goes to work. She gladly accepts. However, he was in for a bit more than he bargained for at first. Eventually getting things to settle, he learns from little Choi Eun Woo that her mother’s business in Seoul went bankrupt and that was why they moved. This seems to stir something in Park Sang Deuk because he starts actively purchasing coffee from Yoo Mi Young’s coffee shop.

2. Lee Min Ki and Kang Yoon Hee finally make up after the spaghetti incident.


Lee Min Ki and Kang Yoon Hee get roped into doing the “three steps, one bow” protest against the rice market that would harm the farmers. Since the two are still in a stubborn fight over the spaghetti incident, they pettily fight in the middle of the protest. When Lee Min Ki refuses to wait for her as she tries to catch a breath, Kang Yoon Hee finally snaps and apologizes first. She admits that she was upset because she had made the spaghetti for him, but that he left to be with Yoo Na. Lee Min Ki is quick to lighten up, amused by her confession. He even goes as far as to physically help her as they continue on their way.

3. Han In Ki’s surprising past is partially revealed to the audience.


So turns out that Han In Ki was the one Lee Min Ki originally got his first guitar. It was mentioned in the first episode that Lee Min Ki got his first guitar from a man up in the mountains, and now we know more of the story. For whatever reason, Han In Ki played his guitar one last time before cutting his long hair haphazardly and leaving his guitar against a tree. It was after watching him do so that young Lee Min Ki took the guitar and became the musician he is today.

4. Hwang Man Goo wants to look younger for the sake of his son.


Hwang Man Goo receives a harsh blow from reality when he learns that his son, Hwang Min Gook, is ashamed of him and his wife because they look like a grandpa and a foreigner, respectively. Because of this, Hwang Min Gook gets made fun of at school. Accepting help from Kang Hyuk and friends, Hwang Man Goo tries to change his hair to look younger. However, that ends up failing terribly when his son becomes more upset at the sight of him.

5. Lee Min Ki comforts Kang Yoon Hee in light of her son’s words.


After learning that her son had hid the fact that there was a special event for fathers coming up at the school, Kang Yoon Hee feels hurt, thinking that he is ashamed of her. However, when she overhears Lee Min Ki talking to Kang Min Ho, she learns that the reason for his silence was not shame, but rather he didn’t want to see his mother cry. The little boy says that every time his father is brought up, he knows Kang Yoon Hee cries when she’s alone. When she accidentally makes her presence known, she plays it off as if she heard nothing and continues on her way. Lee Min Ki knows better, however, and follows after her. In tears, Kang Yoon Hee admits that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother, that everything is her fault. Unsure how to respond otherwise, Lee Min Ki pulls her into a hug.

But of course, who would happen across this scene? Kang Hyuk.

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