Jewelry Jooyeon and Semi’s Contracts Ending, Future of Group Undecided

Recently reports have brought forward the question of girl group Jewelry breaking up, fourteen years after the group’s debut, as members’ contracts are ending.

However, a source from Star Empire said to OSEN on November 18, “Currently, member Ha Jooyeon (Baby J)’s contract has ended, and it is also true that Park Semi’s contract will be ending this month. Whether or not the group will stay together has yet to be decided.”

The source related that Park Semi is currently filming the MBC Every1 drama “Boarding House 24,” and that her contract situation and the team situation will be discussed after the end of the drama.

Previously, following the withdrawal of member Kim Eunjung from Jewelry in March of this year upon expiration of her contract, the team was left with Ha Jooyeon, Park Semi, and Kim Yewon.

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