Highlights: “Pride and Prejudice” Episode 7

We only have one episode of “Pride and Prejudice” this week, due to a soccer match, but luckily it’s a good one. I’m quickly discovering that how much I enjoy a given episode is almost entirely dependent on what sort of case Team Prosecutor is working on. With the drug-related cases, I tend to check out pretty quickly—not because they’re necessarily bad, but because they’re pretty dry. But in the episodes where the main case is centered around a person, I’m always engaged. This drama does a great job of making me care about the victims, and feeling as passionate about them receiving justice as Yeol Moo does.

This week we continuing examining last week’s suicide case, which is more complex than it may have first appeared. It’s an involving and moving story. Even better, Dong Chi starts to open up to Yeol Moo about the details of her brother’s death. Finally, honesty! All in all, it’s a fun, satisfying episode.

These were my five favorite scenes from “Pride and Prejudice” episode seven:

1. “Are they filming an educational video?”

Moon Hee Man is a character I have trouble with, because he spends nearly all of his time yelling at his subordinates, which I believe is both bad management and rude. But if he’s going to be mean to his underlings, I like for him to also be funny, and this line—a response to Yeol Moo and Lee Jang Won’s equal but unique inabilities to conduct interviews—really made me laugh out loud. More of the funny lines, less of the employee abuse, please!

pride and prejudice 7 baek jin hee 1 final pride and prejudice 7 choi woo shik final

2. Kang Soo can’t sleep

Kang Soo is back at work, but the events at Incheon Harbor still haunt him. Even though he puts on a cheery face, this scene, in which he tries to go to sleep and instead relives the death of the Panda, reveals that he still hasn’t moved past what happened. My heart breaks for him, because the Panda’s death truly wasn’t his fault. But I love that Kang Soo can’t just immediately move on—it shows what a good person he truly is.

pride and prejudice lee tae hwan final

3. Prosecutor Lee isn’t as clever as he thinks he is

I love the partnership of Prosecutor Lee and Investigator Yoo. They are so wonderfully mismatched, and they almost always make me laugh. This scene, in which Prosecutor Lee tries (and fails) to hide from Moon Hee Man just how many open cases he has, was no exception. I could watch these two bickering and making faces at each other for a whole episode.

pride and prejudice 7 choi woo shik 2 final pride and prejudice 7 jang hang sun final

4. Yeol Moo always stands up for the innocent

Like I said, I thought this week’s case story was really good. The reveal that the victim, Cha Yoon Hee, committed suicide because her gross boss had threatened her job if she didn’t let him touch her, was genuinely heartbreaking. Even just through the few flashbacks we saw, Yoon Hee’s desperation and shame was palpable, her need for a steady job with a salary to support her family overriding her obvious disgust. So even though I knew that Yeol Moo would demand that Team Prosecutor press charges against the boss, I was still delighted when she made her stand, even knowing that she didn’t have enough usable evidence to secure a conviction. Just as good as Yeol Moo’s passion is Dong Chi’s response. He might not show his emotions as clearly as Yeol Moo does, but he takes his job seriously. So he doesn’t dismiss Yeol Moo and tell her that the case is unwinnable. He tells her to go and find evidence to make sure that they can win. What a great scene for Team Prosecutor.

pride and prejudice 7 baek jin hee 2 final

5. “There’s nowhere to throw away your wounds”

I spent all of last week’s episodes yelling at my computer that Dong Chi should just be honest about his involvement in Yeol Moo’s brother’s death so that the two of them can team up and bring the killer to justice. This week, he finally speaks up, as a really lovely response to Yeol Moo’s explanation of why she couldn’t throw away her brother’s belongings. I love the way she said it—that the events in your life that caused you pain will never go away. It’s a lovely call-back to Kang Soo’s trauma, and it reminds Dong Chi that it’s true for him as well—he can’t throw away the pain of wanting to help, and trying to help, and ultimately failing. So he starts to tell Yeol Moo what he knows. Hurrah!

pride and prejudice baek jin hee 3 final pride and prejudice 7 choi jin hyuk 2 final

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