Jewelry’s Jooyeon Thanks Fans and Announces Departure from Group

On November 19, Jewelry member Ha Jooyeon (Baby J) posted a thank you message to her fans on her Twitter and announced her departure from the group. She said, “I’ve been down since this morning, but all the fans’ support gives me strength. Thank you so much, and I love you. I’ll work harder, and I’ll be back again. I’m especially missing my fellow members today. It was an amazing nine years.”

Jooyeon also said, “I’m currently taking a break. I’m focusing on my music studies and working hard to get back to everyone. Thanks to everyone for your support of me as a member of Jewelry; I want to return that love. I’m always thankful for you, and please continue to support me!”

Jooyeon, who has been a member of Jewelry since 2008, saw the end of her contract this past August.

Earlier in March of this year, member Eunjung, who joined Jewelry at the same time as Jooyeon, left the group upon expiration of her contract, leaving the group with Jooyeon, Semi, and Yewon. It was revealed in a recent report that Semi’s contract will be ending this month, as well.

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