EXO’s D.O Talks about His Latest Movie “Cart” and Acting with Elle Korea

EXO member and up-and-coming actor D.O (Do Kyungsoo) talked movies and acting in an interview with fashion magazine Elle Korea.

D.O has been garnering attention for his acting, having appeared in the hit drama “It’s Okay It’s Love” earlier this year, and the movie “Cart” which was released recently to favorable reviews.

During the interview, D.O talked about appearing in “Cart.”

He revealed that he did not get separate acting lessons, but he went over each and every detail with the film’s director, Boo Ji Young.

When asked about his first viewing of the film, D.O said, “Honestly, I could only see the other actors. When we were filming, I was just focused on acting with Yeom Jung Ah, and I didn’t really have a chance to watch other actors act. They all put in a lot of work and they are all really great at acting.”

D.O also revealed that he has yet to let go of his character Kangwoo from “It’s Okay, It’s Love.” “When I was saying goodbye to the drama’s writer Noh Hee Kyung at the farewell party, I teared up. Because we were the two people who understood Kangwoo the best.”

He showed his passion for acting, adding, “I want to continue having these kinds of experiences.”

The full interview and photo shoot with D.O for Elle Korea can be found in the magazine’s December issue.

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