Song Il Gook and Song Triplets Have a Pajama Party in Pictorial for High Cut

Actor Song Il Gook and his triplets Daehan, Mingook, Manse enjoyed a small pajama party in a pictorial for celebrity style magazine High Cut.

The actor and the triplets, who are currently on KBS variety show “Superman Returns,” appear on the cover of the latest issue of High Cut.

In the pictures released, the triplets show off their unique charms, while their dad Song Il Gook poses comically for the camera. Just from the pictures, one could already tell how hectic the photo shoot could have been.

Along with the photo shoot, the magazine had an interview with Song Il Gook, talking about his life as a father and an actor. Song Il Gook talked about his latest roles portraying a serial killer and a thug, saying, “My wife encourages me [to take on different roles.] She wishes for me to have a varied career as an actor.”

On juggling his life as an actor and a father, he said, “I really faced reality when they were born. Many things changed when I got married, but it was nothing compared to how my life changed after the children were born.” He further added, “But I think kids give you so much happiness. If one asks ‘Will you still have kids or not have kids?’ I’ll definitely say yes to having kids, because children give you joy that cannot be matched by anything else.”

The full photo spread and interview with Song Il Gook and Daehan, Mingook, Manse can be found in the latest issue of High Cut.

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