Highlights: “Pinocchio,” Episode 3

It’s reunion time on “Pinocchio”, as we finally arrive in present-day Seoul, where both In Ha and Dal Po meet Chief Song—though in very different circumstances. I loved last week’s episodes, and my love is still going strong. What I enjoy about this drama is that while there are tragic backstories and deep emotions, there’s also a lot of fun. This is the sort of drama where you start watching, think you’re maybe twenty minutes in, and then it’s over. It moves so quickly, and has enough humor, that you really don’t notice the time passing. Also, how awesome was Lee Bo Young’s voice cameo in this episode? It really made me want to rewatch “I Can Hear Your Voice”!

These were my five favorite scenes from “Pinocchio”, episode three:

1. Dal Po’s dream

Even knowing from the start that this was a dream, it was still heartbreaking. It was such a stark reminder that Dal Po didn’t just lose his parents—he lost his faith in them as well. Seeing his face light up at the thought that his mother trying to kill him was just a bad dream made my heart ache for him. I also loved how In Ha was in the dream as well. It’s like Dal Po can’t imagine his ideal family without her, which I find very touching. (Though I wonder why we never saw his brother’s face in the dream. Has he forgotten what he looks like? Or is he still angry at him for what happened?)

pinocchio 3 lee jong suk 1 final pinocchio 3 jang young nam final pinocchio 3 lee jong suk 2 final

2. Chief Song’s career highlights

Honestly, I don’t like In Ha’s mother. She’s every stereotype about ethics-challenged journalists that I despise, and she’s a cold, cruel mother. But I laughed so much during this sequence, as we see just how far she’ll go, in work and in her private life, to stand out. Whether it’s kneeling to make a flood to seem more severe than it is, or winning a beer-drinking contest, Chief Song does whatever it takes to make people notice her—and it turns out she’s pretty good at it!

pinocchio 3 jin kyung final

3. The brothers almost meet

Dal Po! Turn around! Your brother’s right behind you! He’s still played by the same actor, so he won’t be hard to recognize! Turn around! Turn around! Or… you could get in your car and drive away. That’s cool too.

pinocchio 3 lee jong suk 3 final

4. In Ha’s interview

Oh man, this scene was tough to watch. Even knowing that In Ha’s illusions about her mother had to be shattered, it was still devastating to see In Ha slowly realize how little this woman cares about her. The worst part, to me, was that In Ha’s expectations were so low—think of how excited her voiceovers were when Chief Song just told her to sit down, or even looked at her. She just wanted a hint that her mother cared. Instead, she had two dreams shattered—the dream of a journalism career, and the dream of a mother who loved her.

pinocchio 3 group final

5. Rooftop scene

I loved the way this scene was filmed. The rooftop, the river, the fireworks… it was so lovely. And I’m so happy that Dal Po finally decides to fight back against Chief Song—I need for him and In Ha to show her, by their example, that the best journalists are honest. And it’s great that Dal Po wants In Ha to make this journey with him, regardless of what her mother said. He knows how important her dream was to her, and he won’t let her give up on it. That’s true love, right there.

pinocchio lee jong suk 4 final pinocchio 3 park shin hye final

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