“We Got Married” Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Get Close and Intimate in Couple Spread for Allure

Popular “We Got Married” couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun (“Sorim”) took their “marriage” to a photo shoot for Allure Korea, where they got close and intimate.

When Kim So Eun was asked if she knew the “Sorim” couple would be so popular, she said, “I never even imagined that the response would be so good. Before filming, I was really worried, but everyone said we were doing well and that it was fun, so I was happy. The feedback is definitely quicker than for dramas, and people get to see me in a more intimate light.”

Song Jae Rim added, “I don’t go outside that often, so I didn’t really feel any change or huge response. Recently, however, a woman at the grocery store asked me if I wasn’t the guy from ‘We Got Married.’ That was when I felt the effect of variety shows.”

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Kim So Eun said she never thought so hard about anything, when asked about her decision to do the show. “I wanted to get rid of my coy, gentle image. If I showed my real self, I felt I could transform my image.”

Song Jae Rim also spoke about wanting to break his image: “I wanted to be real and sincere, so I let go of a lot before I started. I needed a change as well, and I wanted to break away from the image of the quiet Woon (“The Moon that Embraces the Sun”). To be honest, it was a gamble showing my actual self on the show, but I thought I didn’t have much to lose.”

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Song Jae Rim was then asked what he wants to do with Kim So Eun. “I want to go camping together. I want to star gaze. I once saw a film where a couple sit on a car and drink wine while star gazing, and I was really jealous. I would like to do that with So Eun.”

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s photo shoot can be seen in the December issue of Allure Korea.

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