LOCO Drops “Thinking About You” Teaser Featuring Jay Park

Hip hop artist LOCO has dropped a video teaser for the song “Thinking About You,” featuring Jay Park. The song is taken from Loco’s first studio album “Locomotive.” The singer made his debut in 2013.

LOCO is a member of AOMG (short for Above Ordinary Music Group), a hip hop label fronted by Supreme Team member Simon D and Jay Park. The label launched earlier this year.

Although the teaser is relatively short, from what can be heard so far, it seems that the song will have a distinctly urban flavor with a harmonious hook, and it seems that Jay Park will be also making an appearance in the song and music video, which will drop, along with the rest of the album, on November 28.

The album also features collaborations with other leading lights of Korean hip hop and RnB, including Gray, Crush, Ugly Duck, and DJ Wegun.

LOCO has recently performed at venues in the United States along with the likes of Simon D, Jay Park, and other AMOG members.