Song Jae Rim Discusses His Ideal Type and the Last Time He Was in a Relationship for @star1

Actor Song Jae Rim recently confessed how long it has been since he was last in a relationship.

Song Jae Rim took part in a photo shoot and interview for the December issue of @star1 magazine, which was revealed on November 21.

During the interview with the magazine, the actor was asked when he last dated, to which he answered, “The last time was four years ago. I haven’t been in touch with the opposite sex since then.”

When asked about his ideal type, Song Jae Rim shared, “A woman who can understand my geeky/oddball ways and whom I can hold a conversation with. I also like a person who knows loneliness. Because if someone knows what loneliness is, they also know the feeling of receiving love.”

The entire pictorial and interview in which Song Jae Rim honestly discusses a variety of topics can be found in the December issue of @star1 magazine.
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