Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – November Week 4

The past week, K-dramaland was a great escape from our everyday stress, and too bad we can’t pack this list with all the K-drama moments that made us smile with stirring pleasure. So, which scenes did make our top 10?

1. “Pinocchio“: Bad vision

Even if it has been blogged about many times, this scene has to be on our list and at number one. This is the most creative way we’ve seen toast eaten!

Not keen on his daughter, In Ha, becoming an office couple with Dal Po, Dal Pyeong imagines a morning when they leave for work together. Needless to say, Dal Pyeong has a wilder imagination than us because his vision escalates from In Ha sweetly fixing Dal Po’s tie to the two intimately sharing a piece of toast.

The thought left him red with anger and us green with envy! Who couldn’t use a morning like that? Well, probably not grandfather! LOL.


2. “Liar Game“: Who’s your daddy?

Evil mastermind Kang Do Young tried to outmaneuver Cha Woo Jin on “Liar Game” this past week. He even attempted to put blame on sweet, innocent Nam Da Jung, but bad move!

Woo Jin not only anticipated his plans, but he beat Do Young in Round 5’s ‘Smuggling Game’ by having new ATM cards issued. The professor’s brain is supercharged, which, to us, makes him the sexiest man on the planet!

3. “Birth of a Beauty”: Do you like me?

One doesn’t need to experience love to recognize it. Given how badly she’d been treated in her marriage, Sara is easily touched by small gestures. So she asks Tae Hee if treating her to lunch, coffee and rescuing her means that he likes her. Our man in love vehemently denies it and just as she’s about to believe it, she looks at his screen and sees: “Tae Hee is in love with Sara.” LOL! While we believe that actions always speak louder than words, we love it when the truth is clear in black and white.


4. “Mr. Baek”: A Tale of Two Ha Soos

The only way we can accept a love triangle involving a father and son is if it brings us laughs. So this moment is a 2-for-1. Both Chois have fallen for the sweet but steadfast Ha Soo and have taken to fantasizing about her. We laughed when Dae Han‘s fantasy ended with her eating a rose and laughed harder when Shin Hyung fell after dreaming of being seduced. Yes, Aboji, that can only happen in your dreams!


5. “The King’s Face”: Anything you can do, I can do better

Even though she has been forced to live her life as a man to avoid her fate of “embracing two dragons” and bringing poor luck to her parents, Kim Ga Hee remains brave. Unable to stand a nobleman beating up a gisaeng who had refused him, Ga Hee suggests a way he can regain his pride as a man: A drinking contest between him and Ga Hee. She proceeds to drink him under the table, trampling on his pride for the second time that day.

We love the irony of Ga Hee teaching a man how to be a man!


6. “The Legendary Witch“: Free again

The ladies on The Legendary Witch were finally released from prison! Even though some of them were falsely imprisoned by family members from the Shinwa Group, it was nice to see these women form their own little family while they served time.

Now that they’re all free, we’re hoping they can work together to bring down vile CEO Ma Tae San and his equally horrible family.


7. “Love Cells”: The one he truly likes

Believing in his sincerity towards Seo Rin, Dae Choong has been making every effort to acquire her affections. Yet, when Ji Woon’s manager tries to mow down the four leads with a van, Dae Choong instinctively saves the one who actually holds his heart: Ne Bi.


8. “Rosy Lovers”: Proud Papa

Single father Cha Dol was in the right place at the right time with his adorable daughter, Cho Rong, when he was asked if she could fill in for a milk commercial.

The filming went perfectly as Cho Rong showed she’s a natural in front of the camera, and watching her, Cha Dol was struck with fatherly pride. Awww, this scene will give us cavities!


9. “Modern Farmer“: Better to be one of a kind

As his peers are quick to point out, Min Gook‘s family is not your average one. His mom is a foreigner, and his father looks like his grandfather, which embarrasses Min Gook. Unfortunately for the little one, his father must appear for a class presentation at school. Although at first, his father’s presentation stirs up ridicule, Man Goo eventually charms when he introduces Min Gook’s mom and teaches his classmates the Uzbek language. The successful presentation makes Min Gook proud of his parents, and we are happy to see that he could learn to embrace his uniqueness.


10. “Tomorrow Cantabile”: I will support you

By now, Yoo Jin knows Nae Il like he knows the keys on a piano, and to help her prepare for her upcoming solo performance, he gives her tips to get her through her practices as well as a kit on taking care of her hands.

She plays with her heart, and with that Yoo Jin believes she is a stand-out. Even if Professor Do has some doubts about Nae Il’s skills, Yoo Jin trusts how far our Nae Il will go.

We hope you liked our list! Otherwise, shout out your personal picks below, and join us again next week!

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