Lovelyz’ Seo Ji Soo Rumor Investigation Continues, Police Still in Search of Initial Source

The investigation into the rumors of alleged sexual abuse surrounding Seo Ji Soo, a member of newly-debuted girl group Lovelyz, continues. After questioning the reported publisher of the post regarding these rumors, it has been found that she is not the initial source.

Through a phone interview, a representative of the cyber investigation unit at Seoul Mapo Police Station on November 24, revealed an update on the case, stating, “We recently investigated the person who originally wrote and published Seo Ji Soo’s rumors on online sites. However, the person who wrote the rumor post is not the initial source of the rumors. We are still in the middle of searching for the initial distributor.”

Last week, the alleged victim of Seo Ji Soo’s sexual abuse revealed that she would comply with the police and take evidence to them. However, Woollim Entertainment has stated its position and dismissed all rumors in defense of the Lovelyz member.

Until the initial source of the rumors is identified, the police search and investigation will continue.

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