Highlights: “Modern Farmer” Episode 12

Episode 12 of “Modern Farmer” finally brings Yoo Na into the picture. Though she is not fully accepted by everyone right away, she does make her way into most of their hearts soon enough. Lee Soo Yun’s sunbae shows up to the village, having heard that the girl had the 5 million dollars, by tracking the girl’s phone. Han In Ki also takes his daughter to finally meet her mother.

1. Yoo Na cares for Kang Yoon Hee.


While trying to lift apple boxes into the back of the truck for the market, Kang Yoon Hee pulls her back. Seeing that the others need to get to the market to set up, Yoo Na offers to watch Kang Yoon Hee. Though opposed to it at first, Kang Yoon Hee realizes she has no choice but to accept the star’s help.

Even though their interactions were extremely awkward at first, from having to scratch Kang Yoon Hee’s feet to having to help her go to the bathroom, the two warm up to each other.

2. The group’s stand at the market is a success!


Deciding to bring the wonders of country food to Seoul, the group sells puff peas and cooked and flavored grasshoppers. And boy do they rake in money with their energetic salesmanship! The market was an overall success, from Hwang Man Goo’s mushrooms to Han In Ki’s apples, and all the villagers profited.

3. Han Ki Joon takes his jealousy a few steps too far.


Throughout the time at the market, Han Ki Joon noticed that Bul Ja was talking and “flirting” with another guy in Chinese, which sparked obvious jealousy even though he tried denying it. What he did not know, however, was that the guy knew Bul Ja liked Han Ki Joon and was not trying to make a move on her.

Han Ki Joon imagines sabotaging the two several times, first throwing something at Bul Ja’s head, then shaking up some sodas to give to them. The third time he presses their faces into their noodles. Unfortunately, this third time was the real thing. Everyone freaks out at him, not understanding what could have possibly possessed him to do so. While Han In Ki stands in shock and confusion, Bul Ja runs off.

4. Yoo Han Chul mistakenly jumps to conclusions about Lee Soo Yun.


Having had Han In Ki plant in his head that maybe Lee Soo Yun doesn’t like him because she might like girls, Yoo Han Chul brushes it off and heads to her room later that night. However, Lee Soo Yun and her sunbae are having a conversation that leads to the older clinging to Lee Soo Yun, begging her to let her stay with her since she closed down the bar. But from Yoo Han Chul’s perspective and from their out-of-context conversation, it seems like the two are kissing.

5. Han In Ki surprises everyone with his voice.


Returning from his wife’s memorial with Han Sang Eun, Han In Ki joins some of the other villagers at the market success party. When Hwang Man Goo comes up to him to ask him something, he responds with his voice, catching everyone off guard. Han In Ki goes on to give a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone for dealing with him since he came.

6. Lee Min Ki and Kang Hyuk begin clashing again.


Throughout Yoo Na’s time at the house, Kang Hyuk has clearly not been pleased. However, most of his irritation seems to stem from Han Min Ki bringing her there, which annoyed Kang Yoon Hee, which in turn upset him.

Kang Hyuk approaches Yoo Na while she stares at the stars and tells her to go back to Seoul, saying that she is “living off Min Ki” and “making everyone tired.” Lee Min Ki appears and steps in, standing up for Yoo Na. The two are quick to become physical with each other.

What is really at the core of Kang Hyuk’s anger?

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