Lee Byung Hun Responds to Dating Evidence in Court: “It Was a Joke”

Actor Lee Byung Hun has finally appeared in court as a witness to testify against the women who blackmailed him earlier this year.

Lee Byung Hun showed up at the courtroom on November 24 for the second hearing, accompanied by six to seven individuals including his manager and his bodyguard.

At the trial, Lee Byung Hun explained how he came to know the two women, as well as the events leading up to the blackmailing.

When the accused Lee Ji Yeon submitted Kakaotalk messages between her and Lee Byung Hun as evidence to prove that they were in a relationship, Lee Byung Hun replied by saying, “It was a joke,” and “I don’t remember.”*

This trial was carried out in private due to the fear of further defamation of the witness testifying, as decided by the court.

Leaving the courtroom after a three-hour hearing, Lee Byung Hun told the media, “I’ve answered honestly, and now I will wait for the final verdict.”

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