Kang Ji Young’s Agency Asks Media to Not Ask Questions about Her Leaving KARA

Kang Ji Young‘s Japanese agency asked the media outlets to not ask her questions regarding her departure from her former group KARA.

The Japanese media reported that there was a small conflict between the agency and the reporters at the release event of Kang Ji Young’s first photo book.

One media outlet reported, “Kang Ji Young’s agency told the media that they could not ask her questions about KARA. When there was a backlash from the reporters present at the event, they rephrased and requested that the reporters do not ask her questions about leaving KARA.'”

At the event, Kang Ji Young answered all questions in Japanese without an interpreter. When someone asked her if she has shown the photo book to KARA members, she answered while smiling, “I have yet to show them the book. I think they will be surprised, as there are sides of me in the book that they haven’t even seen.”

Kang Ji Young is currently active as an actress in Japan.