Jung Il Woo Says He Wants to Be on “Noonas over Flowers”

Actor Jung Il Woo voiced his desire to be on the hit cable variety show “Noonas over Flowers.”

In a recent interview with Bnt International, Jung Il Woo told the interviewer that he would like to be part of the traveling variety program.

For his reason why, Jung Il Woo added, “With the seniors, I only get to see them when we are working on a drama together. There aren’t that many opportunities to meet them off the set. I want to be part of the ‘Over Flowers’ series because it seems like you get to talk to them more personally and learn a lot by traveling with them. I want to listen to their life stories and get some acting advice. I think it will be very memorable to be part of the show.”

Jung Il Woo is currently in talks to appear in the upcoming KBS drama “Blood,” as a vampire surgeon.

Check out Jung Il Woo’s pictures from his interview with Bnt International below!

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