GOT7 Poses for Grazia Photo Shoot

Fashion magazine Grazia has released a series of photographs of boy band GOT7 after the group completed a photo shoot and interview with the publication.

The pictures show the boys in a wide range of outfits, including a group picture that features the whole group wearing all black, as well as individual pictures (check those out below).

During the interview, the members of the group took the chance to speak about their personal lives and thoughts.

Jr. revealed that he is a keen reader, and explained, “Doing the same thing every day can make a person tired. So I started reading books in my free time. I am currently reading [Milan Kundera’s] ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being.’”

Member BamBam explained that he takes an interest in fashion. He said, “I have been watching a lot of fashion videos of late. Fans of the group know how interested I am in this subject.”

And Jackson took the opportunity to talk about his close relationship with his parents. He said, “I call home every day to speak to my parents. I also send some money to my parents whenever I can. My father is the coach of the Hong Kong national fencing team, so during the recent Incheon Asian Games, I went to the airport by taxi to meet him when he arrived. It cost me quite a lot of money, but I was desperate to see him.”

The full GOT7 interview and photo shoot will be featured in the December edition of Grazia.








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