TS Entertainment Reveals It Has Yet to Receive Formal Complaint Regarding B.A.P’s Lawsuit

In the midst of reports of six-member idol group B.A.P having sued its agency, TS Entertainment, a representative has revealed that the agency has yet to receive a formal complaint from the court in regard to the group’s lawsuit for a contract nullification.

Following news that all six members of B.A.P filed a lawsuit against their agency, TS Entertainment had released an official statement that can be read here. The lawsuit requests to nullify B.A.P’s exclusive contract with its agency for a number of different reasons, including unfair contract terms and being worked under a “slave contract.”

On November 28, the agency rep shared, “We have not yet received a formal complaint through the court. We will officially state our position after receiving the complaint. Until now, we have only learned of the news regarding B.A.P’s lawsuit through the media. Because of this situation, we believe it is not the time to give a specific response. Instead, we will provide our position about various aspects in detail when we receive an official complaint from the court.”

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