Comedian Yang Sang Guk and Actress Chun Yi Seul Have Broken Up

Comedian Yang Sang Guk and actress Chun Yi Seul have ended their relationship.

A close acquaintance of both celebrities revealed to Daily Sports on November 28, “As the two got busier, their meetings became less frequent. They recently broke up while wishing each other success and ending their one-year relationship. As they might run into each other while working in the entertainment industry, they have decided to remain as close sunbae and hoobae.”

The news was confirmed by a representative of Chun Yi Seul, who stated, “It is true that they recently broke up.”

Yang Sang Guk and Chun Yi Seul started their relationship in October 2013, when they first met through the matchmaking program “You Are My Destiny.” Since then, the couple has openly expressed their affection for each other on various TV shows, most notably on KBS’ “Human Condition.”

Best known for appearing on KBS’ “Gag Concert,” Yang Sang Guk has been active as a comedian since 2007.

Chun Yi Seul is a rookie model-turned-actress, who recently appeared on tvN’s “King of High School.”

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