Park Myung Soo Opens Up about Noh Hong Chul’s Withdrawal from “Infinity Challenge”

Park Myung Soo has revealed his honest thoughts on the recent departure of his fellow cast member Noh Hong Chul from the popular variety show, “Infinite Challenge.”

During a recent interview with Star News, the comedian shared his feelings about the DUI incident that led to Noh Hong Chul’s withdrawal saying, “Because it happened to a close colleague, my heart is not feeling well,” and added, “Like [Yoo] Jae Suk, I have always told my juniors to be careful. Despite the fact, this incident took place.”

“It is true that he made a mistake, and because of that, taking responsibility is the right thing to do. Still, please do not exaggerate what happened, but do not think it is okay either. Please give him time to reflect on his actions. If it happens again, there might be a problem, but a person can make mistakes, right?” the comedian carefully added.

“It is true that the empty seat left behind by Hong Chul is significant, but we remaining members have no choice but to do our best and make it unnoticeable. The producers have many concerns over this issue, and we are all working hard in our own ways. If he returns after doing a great deal of self-reflection, I hope people will accept him when the time comes,” Park Myung Soo concluded.

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