Jeon Hyun Moo Vows to Shave His Head if He is Late One More Time

Family Day” will return to MBC FM4U on Dec 1st. “Family Day” is a full day event that has become an MBC Radio tradition, having attracted a lot of interest due to its unconventional structure. Throughout the day, the DJs of MBC FM4U take a break from their usual programs and take over one another’s. The event has served to establish a sense of family among the DJs as well as the listeners.

At a promotional photoshoot for the event, Jeon Hyun Moo announced that he would not be late again for a live broadcast. He vowed that if he was, he would shave his head.

Bae Chul Soo of “Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp” will be in charge of lively afternoon banter at “Date at 2pm.” And listeners can look forward to having Girls’ Generation Sunny of “FM Date” start their busy morning on “Good Morning FM.

MBC FM4U will air “Family Day” on Dec 1st from 7.a.m. to 2 a.m. on Dec 2nd KST.