Lee Chun Hee Transforms into Steve Jobs on First Episode of “Super Company – The Next K-Design”

OnStyle survival reality show “Super Company – The Next K-Design” premiered its first episode on November 29. The show’s stated aim is to select a designer who can represent the next generation of Korean design.

Lee Chun Hee, who will serve as the MC of the show, surprised everybody when he came out dressed like Steve Jobs, sporting a black turtleneck, jeans, sneakers, and round glasses. The motivation for the transformation was to illustrate to the contestants the importance of a good presentation. Lee Chun Hee seamlessly adapted Steve Jobs’s presentation style, using only simple words, having moments of pause, and speaking in short sentences.

Viewers can look forward to seeing more of Lee Chun Hee as he will make appearances intermittently through video during the missions. According to the writers of the show, in order to be able to explain design history, terminology, and trend analysis in a simple way to viewers, Lee Chun Hee invested a lot of time studying the script before filming. They remarked that he is very passionate about the show.

The ten designers will be divided into two five-person teams, the black team and the white team. Whichever team wins the first four challenges out of seven will move on to the next round. Viewers can look forward to missions that include everything from interior design to industrial design.

“Super Company – The Next K-Design” airs every Saturday on OnStyle at 11 p.m. KST.