Recap: Masterpiece of Legends – Fly to the Sky with Gummy

WOW! Where can I even begin with describing this concert? Fly to the Sky had their “Masterpiece of Legends” concert, with Gummy as a guest, on November 29th at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Fly to the Sky is a 90s R&B duo that is mostly known for their ballads and their harmonious vocals, therefore people might assume that their concert would be mostly ballads and slow melodies. But this was definitely not the case for their most recent concert in California!



Let’s start off with the very talented Gummy! Although Gummy is an amazing vocalist, as a close friend of Fly to the Sky, she performed at their concert as a guest. Regardless, fans were still impressed by her strong, emotion-filled vocals and she definitely knew how to fill up the stage with her presence. Throughout her opening performances, she was very engaging and the way she talked to the audience felt very comfortable and casual. It was as if she was just having a natural conversation with someone she knew. She made the audience laugh with her jokes and statements. She constantly joked about how she wanted to jump up and down and move around the stage more, but her body wouldn’t let her.


She had a good variety in her song setlist for the night. She started the night off with songs like “Amnesia” and “Snow Flower” (from “That Winter, The Wind Blows” OST). Gummy joked about how she really wanted to say something in English, but she was too shy to. So instead she mentioned that she would sing in English instead, which is why she did her own rendition of “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine. She also performed “There is No Love,” “Naughty Boy,” and her recently released song, “I Loved…Have No Regrets.” The song that really got the party started was “Adult Child,” and in a very cute and subtle way, she brought up the fact that this song won twice on the hit show, “I Am a Singer.” Gummy had the crowd on their feet, singing along, and dancing and jumping up and down.



When Gummy performed her ballads, she was very elegant, passionate, and graceful, but when she performed her faster, more upbeat songs, she transformed into this charismatic, energetic performer. She was jumping up and down and shaking her head over and over again and this definitely got the crowd excited! Someone even shouted out a song request and she even performed a part of it before leaving. So when she sang her final song, the crowd was very sad to see her end her opening performance.


Now, time for the main event! Fly to the Sky definitely came out with a BANG by performing their song “Restriction” from their 10th album, “Decennium.” This was one of their faster R&B hit songs, so they performed it perfectly with their nice suits and slick, sexy dance moves. Then they took it back old school with their debut song “Day by Day,” but they did a new rendition of this classic hit.

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I think fans really enjoyed just listening to the group talk because they were just so entertaining and hilarious. Brian even translated what Hwanhee was saying so that their non-Korean fans could understand and laugh with them. In their opening, Brian mentioned that this was a very special concert for him because his whole entire family came to see them perform. Here come the “Awws!” Hwanhee then mentions that none of his family members came to see him, but that he sent them a message on Kakao Talk, which made the whole audience burst into laughter. Brian joked about how Hwanhee is usually not funny, but for some reason he was funny in the States. Brian turned to Hwanhee saying, “Maybe your jokes work better in the States than in Korea,” which brought up even more laughter from the audience.


The next set started off with Brian saying, “This one’s for the ladies!” It was time for all the ladies in the audience to prepare to swoon! They performed songs such as, “Habit,” “Let’s Get it On,” and “The Girl is Mine.” Not only did they perform these songs with their amazing, powerful vocals, but with some killer, sexy dance moves. They definitely brought their A-game and their sass to the stage. During “The Girl is Mine” and “Man 2 Man,” they even performed while acting out a storyline with their hardcore gestures and charismatic dance moves. During their faster songs, they got everyone on their feet and were really engaging with their fans, even in the way they connected with them through their gestures and charismatic stares. With Hwanhee’s husky, yet strong vocals with Brian’s sweet, smooth voice, they are definitely a match made duo from heaven!

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After each set of songs, they had these awesome videos playing that showcased the journey of Fly to the Sky as a group and all of their classic and recent hit songs. But there was one video, which included some special guests. It was a congratulatory video for Fly to the Sky’s LA concert and it included messages and shoutouts from Apink, Seo In Guk, Hello Venus, Hyorin and Jooyoung, and AOA. And the crowd got super excited seeing some of their favorite singers on the screen!


They continued the concert with some songs from their recent comeback album! They performed a crowd-favorite, “You, You, You,” “Even Though My Heart Hurts,” and then they ended with their hit song, “Like A Man.” And they definitely ended the concert by showcasing their powerful, passionate vocals. The audience was moved by their harmonies and their emotional vocal performances.


Towards the end, during one of their talks, they expressed how thankful they were for all the love and support, not just from their Korean fans, but from their American fans as well. Brian said, “It’s because of you guys that we are able to travel the world and see all the beautiful faces that support us…” Brian continued by saying that Hwanhee had noticed that one of the people at the press conference was someone who did a reaction video for the “You, You, You” music video. Brian said that they watch ALL of those videos. Brian said, “Small gestures go long ways for us and it’s because of that we are here in Los Angeles being able to perform for you guys, so thank you once again.” It was super heartfelt and sincere and people were very touched by what the duo had to say.17 Fly to the Sky definitely could not end their concert, as the fans continued to shout “Encore, encore, encore!” They came out one last time and the fans went crazy! For their encore performance, they performed “We” and “Sea of Love.” It was exciting because they didn’t end the concert with a emotional ballad, but a fast, upbeat song that everyone could just jump up and down and dance. They even came down from the stage and interacted with their fans, all close and personal. They did high fives and received flower bouquets from their beloved fans.


This concert was so different than expected! MAJOR SCREAMS, FEELS, AND SQUEALS! But at the same time, the audience just sat there, listening in awe and admiration of Fly to the Sky and Gummy. People just sat there, taking in all the beautiful melodies, harmonies, and emotions and passion. They were both breath-taking and mind-blowing live. Although their video performances are still so good, seeing them perform live was just on a level of its own. It was so much more powerful and consuming! And yes, their vocals blew the crowd away! But I think that the fans really appreciated that both groups were just so natural and conversational with their fans. Both Fly to the Sky and Gummy genuinely wanted to make a connection with their audience and express their sincere gratitude and love for their fans. Hope they come back again for another concert!

If you attended the concert, comment below and tell us what your favorite part was! And stay tuned for an exclusive Fly to the Sky’s press conference recap article! You won’t want to miss it!

Concert Setlist:


  1.  Amnesia
  2. Snow Flower
  3. Lost Stars
  4. There is No Love
  5. Adult Child
  6. Naughty Boy
  7. I Loved…Have No Regrets

Fly to the Sky-

  1. Restriction
  2. Day by Day
  3. Missing You
  4. Holding on to the End of the Night & Habit
  5. Let’s Get It On & What You Want
  6. The Girl is Mine & Man 2 Man
  7. You, You, You
  8. Your Voice
  9. Even Though My Heart Hurts & Please Don’t Call
  10. Like A Man
  11. Encore: We & Sea of Love
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