Actor Lee Jin Wook Describes Ideal Type

If you’re petite and with long hair, then chances are you’ll catch actor Lee Jin Wook‘s eye!

On the November 30 broadcast of the MBC program “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” actor Lee Jin Wook, who’s best known for his leading role in the drama “Nine: Nine Times Time Travel,” was interviewed and was asked some questions including his ideal type.

“More than a short haired one, I like women with long hair,” Lee Jin Wook said. “It would be even better if her hair’s tied,” Lee Jin Wook specifically described the type of hair he likes on his idea woman.

It seems that Lee Jin Wook has a specific type of woman in mind that aside from having long hair, he adds that he wants a woman who’s petite. At 185cm (6′ 1″) tall, he said he prefers ladies who are about 164 cm (5′ 3″).

“It would be nice if she’s below 164 cm (5′ 3″),” he added.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook will be appearing in the film “Time Renegade” alongside Lim Soo Jung and Jo Jung Suk. The film is slated to premiere in 2015.

Lee Jin Wook