Park Myung Soo’s Wife Surprises Netizens with Affectionate Selca

A photo of comedian Park Myung Soo and his wife, Han Soo Min, has gained great interest from netizens.

On November 11, the beautiful wife uploaded a picture taken together with her husband on her personal Instagram.

The photo shows Han Soo Min expressing her affection for the comedian by gently pressing her lips on his cheek. While his wife appears sweet and loving, Park Myung Soo maintains his cool and strikes a charismatic pose for the camera.

After being belatedly discovered by netizens, the picture began circulating on discussion boards and social media on November 29. As very few photos of the couple have been revealed to the public, the selca has quickly become a hot topic.

Park Myung Soo and Han Soo Min tied the knot in April 2008, and their daughter Min Seo was born in the following August.