Cha Seung Won Explains Why He Doesn’t Shoot Bed Scenes

Cha Seung Won has explained why he is rarely seen in films that include bed scenes.

The actor recently sat down with news outlet Hankyorae for an in-depth interview, during which he talked about topics like fatherhood, acting, and popularity.

When asked if he is as warm and caring towards his children as he appears to be, Cha Seung Won replied, “Fathers are parents as well, right? Mothers are great as they have given birth [to the children]. Men must do even better as they are not the ones that give birth.”

Next, the reporter asked why he rarely flashes bare skin in his movies. “Although I don’t take off my clothes on screen, I have taken them off on various other occasions. (laughter) I have also rejected bed scenes,” Cha Seung Won explained.

“The fact [that I’m married] affects my decision as well, but I just feel uncomfortable. Even a kiss scene looks racy if I shoot it,” the actor laughed, revealing why he has decided to pass on movies with intimate scenes.

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