Highlights: “Modern Farmer” Episode 13

Drama begins to bubble up again in episode 13 of “Modern Farmer.” Though tension is still built up between Lee Min Ki and Kang Hyuk, the latter brushes it off as nothing when Kang Yoon Hee confronts him about it. While the main relationships bring out drama in this episode, others are looking up! Han Ki Joon and Bul Ja’s relationship is beginning to blossom, Yoo Han Chul discovers that Lee Soo Yun is not in a relationship with her sunbae, and after all the time spent preventing his daughter from singing, Han In Ki finally gives Han Sang Eun his blessing to pursue her dreams.

1. The cabbages have finally grown! Except…


After all of their hard work, the group’s cabbages have finally grown! However, the entire field is infested with snails. Ignorant to the issue, the four find the snails cute. But when Hwang Man Goo comes running over after learning about the snails, he tells them that the little creatures will eat their crop if they don’t get rid of them. And to the group’s horror, they are told they will need to kill each one by hand…

2. Villagers audition to represent the village for the National Singing Contest.


Trying to find some way to advertise the village’s stockpile of apples, Kang Yoon Hee decides the best way is to do so on national television via the National Singing Contest. However, it becomes clear very quickly that none of the villagers can sing. That is, until Han Sang Eun is able to step up to the place and reveal her true talent.

3. Han Sang Eun injures herself…


Unfortunately, while practicing her dancing for the contest, Han Sang Eun injures her neck. Since they need a replacement, Kang Hyuk points out that Kang Yoon Hee can sing. Though shy and reluctant about it at first, Kang Yoon Hee accepts and starts preparing. Lee Min Ki asks Yoo Na to help train Kang Yoon Hee, which she gladly does, but Lee Min Ki ends up making harsh comments about Kang Yoon Hee’s ability to dance, discouraging her.

4. Yoo Mi Young and Park Sang Deuk try dating but…


Despite the risk presented by Park Sang Deuk’s mother, Yoo Mi Young and Park Sang Deuk decide to start dating again. Promising to tell his mother, Park Sang Deuk tries and fails to do so several times. Since both are so skittish about their relationship being discovered, Yoo Mi Young tells Park Sang Deuk that they shouldn’t try so hard at the relationship and instead think it over. Sadly, this seems like more of a “let’s give up” than anything else.

5. The dual love triangle becomes more stressed.


Returning home with Kang Hyuk, Kang Yoon Hee overhears Lee Min Ki and Yoo Na’s conversation. When Yoo Na asks Lee Min Ki if he still likes Kang Yoon Hee, he replies with a light laugh and a genuine “no.” But he does admit that he worries about her and pities her a little.

With less the half the show left, how do you think this dual love triangle will sort itself out?

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