“Yoona’s Street” Stars Kim Ok Bin and Lee Hee Joon Become a Real-Life Couple

Representatives for actors Kim Ok Bin and Lee Hee Joon have confirmed that the stars have become a real-life couple. The two actors appeared  in the JTBC drama “Yoona’s Street.”

Media outlet Ilgan Sports carried a quote from representatives for the stars, who said, “They are currently dating, and have been together for about a month.” Reps have also stated that two  are currently vacation in Europe together.

Meanwhile, eDaily quoted an unnamed source who said, “They are both straightforward people. They do not try to hide when they are around the cast and crew. They are both honest and do not like to take center stage. They both quietly concentrate on their own emotions.”

Kim Ok Bin has recently spoken of her on-screen harmony with Lee Hee Joon, saying, “Although I am very direct and active, I find that Lee Hee Joon is a very logical person, and I admire that aspect of his personality.”

The actress had also previously admitted that she is currently involved in a relationship, saying, “I am seeing someone at the moment, even though nobody knows about it.”