Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – December Week 1

Welcome to a fresh week of top 10 picks!

As usual, K-dramaland had no shortage of scenes that made us chortle, tear up, and fist pump, and we wish we had extra hours in a day to commit ourselves to repeating our favorite moments.

Without further delay, check out our list!


1. “Pinocchio“: Oops, I spoke too soon

In Ha has recently returned Dal Po‘s button because she’s determined to get over her feelings for him. However, as soon as she tells him she no longer likes him, she hiccups, signifying to her that her head is still losing the battle against her heart. We laughed hard and got butterflies, two great reactions to a well-written scene. Honestly, just how cute are In Ha and Dal Po? We look forward to more hiccups betraying her true feelings for him.

2. “Liar Game“: Ready for another one?

In the finale, it seemed as if things turned out well for all the players who risked everything in the high-stakes game show, but is it really over?

At the very end, a new group of contestants worries about how to proceed when a familiar voice rings out: “I have a way to win.” It’s Professor Ha Woo Jin and looking hotter than ever!

We’re excited there might be another season!


3. “Sweden Laundry”: Don’t mess with a psychic

Psychic and laundromat owner Kim Bom is compelled to help others when she sees their plight. During a mission, the designer bag she’s trying to retrieve for someone else is stolen. With the help Yong Soo Chul, she’s able to catch up to the crook and give him a good beating. LOL.


4. “Mr. Baek”: You’re wrong about everything

Go Bong is under the impression that all it takes to be a good father is whipping his boy into shape. So, Go Bong thinks the worst about him and criticizes him at every turn, although it doesn’t help that Dae Han acts like he’s allergic to responsibility.

As Shin Hyung, Go Bong confronts Dae Han at a club, upset that he’s partying while the company is in crisis. Dae Han instructs him to stop bad-mouthing him with false information. That girl his father paid off because she tried to kill herself over him was just a friend who needed money. He’d lied to get her money for medical expenses. Why? Because she’d made him seaweed soup on the birthday his father never bothered to remember. It was a humbling scene for Go Bong, who learned that he’d been mistaken about his son and had made a lot of errors as a father.


5. “Misaeng“: Bugging for a lovelife

They continue to have their individual trials, but One International’s newbies are warming our sappy hearts with their own little support group, and it’s great to see that once in a while, there’s humor during their short moments together. As usual, it’s Suk Yool who instigates the comedy.

A daycare teacher who has a crush on Geu Rae has started following him on Twitter; this prompts the curiosity of his companions, particularly the busybody Suk Yool. As they ride the elevator up to the office, Suk Yool grabs Geu Rae’s phone and exchanges messages with the teacher, pretending to be our lead. Baek Ki and Young Yi quietly snicker while they watch Geu Rae struggle to get his phone back from his nosy coworker, who is determined to give his friend a love life.


6. “The Legendary Witch“: Slip of the lips

Soo In, who is unaware of Nam Woo Suk showering, hand-washes some clothes in the bathroom. To her chagrin, she gets a full view of his naked body when he steps out of the shower, and in his haste to make an exit, Woo Suk slips on a bar of soap. As he falls, he takes Soo In down with him, and they accidentally share a kiss.

It’s fun to watch these two learn about the joys of cohabitation!

7. “The King’s Face”: Twisted fate

Seeing the jade pendant he gave to Ga Hee on the ground with the dead bodies, Prince Kwanghae believes he has failed to save her and grieves her death. His anguish moves us with sadness even while we know Ga Hee is really alive.


8. “Secret Door“: She gets things done

We admire Lady Hyegyeong for switching up the political atmosphere without the use of officials and making an opportunity out of a crisis.

This past week, the Crown Princess has charged in again to save her prince. As Lee Sun’s enemies try to get the king to father a new heir to the throne, Lady Hyegyeong turns the tides in her favor. She first wipes out the opposing faction’s candidate by using the palace rumor mill against her. Before the palace maids, she then lets herself be caught with a Shaman, who predicts Consort Moon will have difficulty having children. After Consort Moon’s removal from consideration, Hyegyeong succeeds in installing her candidate as Queen Consort, one whom she can control.


9. “Tomorrow Cantabile”: Like an old couple

After Nae Il successfully finishes the preliminary round of her competition, she eagerly waits for a congratulatory message from Yoo Jin, wanting to celebrate with him. When he doesn’t send her one, though, Nae Il unsurprisingly invites herself to Yoo Jin’s home. As she helps him prep bean sprouts, Yoo Jin opens up to her about his worries about his orchestra, and this kind of honesty while doing a menial task together makes Nae Il feel like they’re an old married couple. LOL.

Yoo Jin may not show his support of her with vigor, but his candor and his presence are enough to boost Nae Il’s mood!


10. “Rosy Lovers”: Papa Bear

On “Rosy Lovers” this past week, single dad Chal Dol lost his temper when he discovered his little girl was acting in a drama with her mother, Jang Mi. He furiously stormed onto the set and shoved Jang Mi onto the floor, pulling his daughter away from her.

He was harsh, but since Jang Mi had confirmed she wanted nothing to do with him or their daughter, essentially abandoning the poor child, we can’t say that we blame him. Although he was harsh, we’re still on his side.

That’s all for now! You know what to do if you’d like to share your thoughts and your personal picks, and please join the Couch Kimchi gals next week for our new selections.

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