Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Recommends Zion.T’s Song, Wishes Everyone Happiness

Girls’ Generation member Sunny, who is gaining recognition as a radio DJ through her MBC FM4U radio show “Sunny’s FM Date,” has recently shared her thoughts to OSEN through an interview on December 1.

During the interview, Sunny talked about how much she likes being a radio DJ. When asked regarding what song she wanted to play for her listeners, she said it’s Zion.T’s “Yanghwa BRDG.”

“It’s because of the lyrics ‘Let’s not get sick, let’s be happy.’ This year, there were a lot of painful and difficult events. Now, I wish everyone is happy,” explained Sunny on why she chose the song. “I think when (listeners) hear this song, they will remember the most important people in their lives. (For me), I think of the listeners,” said Sunny.