Kris to Enter Second Round of Mediation with SM Entertainment

Kris (Wu Yi Fan), former member of EXO, will enter into a second round of mediation with his former agency SM Entertainment on December 5. Earlier this year, Kris filed a lawsuit for termination of his contract with SM, his representation stating that SM violated Kris’ basic civil rights and neglected his ambitions as an artist, among other things.

On June 9, the Seoul Central District Court proposed that the lawsuit be forwarded to arbitration in an attempt to have both sides reach a compromise before the case goes to trial. The first arbitration meeting was held five months ago on July 8. Both sides were in talks for approximately thirty minutes but were unable to reach an agreement, separating with only having confirmed the opposing side’s stance.

A spokesman for Hankyul Law Firm, the firm that is representing Kris, said that no interviews are possible at this time. A spokesman for the law firm representing SM Entertainment, Tae Pyeong Yang, likewise stated that commenting on the situation at this time is difficult.

If both sides are again unable to reach an agreement this time, the case will go to trial and proceed as a standard civil lawsuit.

Kris left EXO after filing the lawsuit for termination of his contract and has since been involved in solo activities in China.

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