Luhan Lends His Charming Voice for OST of Chinese “Miss Granny” Remake, MV Revealed

Luhan, who has been carrying out individual activities in China since leaving EXO, lent his soft and charming voice to an OST track for his new movie, “Back to 20s,” which is a Chinese remake of the original production “Miss Granny.”

According to Chinese media outlets on December 1, a preview for the music video of the movie’s theme song was released on the previous day. The theme song for “Back to 20s,” titled “Our Tomorrow,” is an emotional ballad that displays the strengths of Luhan’s vocal abilities. It is currently earning much attention from fans, as it is the very first OST that Luhan has participated in.

It is said that Luhan also made another public appearance to attend the press conference for the release of the song’s music video on December 1, as he not only sings, but also stars in the music video as well.

Check out the music video for “Our Tomorrow” below!

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