Kim Tae Woo on g.o.d Comeback: “Being the Youngest in the Group Again Is Difficult!”

Singer Kim Tae Woo has spoken out about the ironies of finding himself the youngest in the group in the wake of first-generation boy band g.o.d’s recent comeback. The star was speaking on a TV program called “MBC Docu Special” that features interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the group, which made a comeback earlier this year with an album called “Chapter 8” and a series of concerts.

Since g.o.d’s debut, however, Kim Tae Woo has gone on to become a major player in the K-pop business, and has even started his own talent agency, Soul Shop Entertainment. He explained, “I am running my own company and am now a producer. Suddenly becoming the maknae [youngest member of the group] again is quite difficult.”