“Misaeng” Writer Was Worried That Kang Sora Would Be Too Beautiful to Be Realistic

Writer of hit webtoon “MisaengYoon Tae Ho commented about the actors and actresses of the tvN drama remake by the same title.

Yoon Tae Ho appeared on the December 2 broadcast of YTN’s “News and Issue – Issue and People.” He remarks that he considers how similar the actors and actresses look to the characters in the webtoon as a measure of how accurately the drama reflects the original work.

Yoon Tae Ho cited Lee Sung Min who plays Manager Oh as an example: “Manager Oh is very sensitive about his partial hair loss. He is different from Lee Sung Min [who has a full head of hair].”

He also commented on actress Kang Sora who plays Ahn Young Yi: “I can’t really draw female characters really well so I just try to draw a really pretty male character. Kang Sora is so beautiful that I was worried that the drama would be unrealistic.”

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