Woman Crush Wednesday: “Love Rain’s” Kim Yoon Hee

Looking back at our list of previous Woman Crush Wednesdays, this week’s featured woman might seem like a strange choice, but there’s actually a certain beauty to women who have aged gracefully. As I thought about who to feature this week and how to bring something new to the table, I suddenly wanted to talk about an older woman. Crushes are definitely not reserved only for those in their 20s or 30s and it was with this notion that Lee Mi Sook‘s Kim Yoon Hee from “Love Rain” popped into my head.

I get a lot of weird and surprised reactions when I say that “Love Rain” is one of my favorite dramas, but it is. Of course, it’s not without flaws, but to me, the positives outweighs the negatives by far. There’s just something about “Love Rain” that makes my heart flutter and makes me happy every time I watch it and the mother figure, Kim Yoon Hee, is one of those reasons.

Let’s find out why! (Spoilers ahead.)

1. She’s mellow and gentle.

WCW_Kim Yoon Hee_Gentle

Kim Yoon Hee is so poised in her gentleness, it’s difficult not to adore her. She’s graceful, calm, and level-headed. As a college student in the 1970s, portrayed by YoonA, she already held an air of elegance, but never arrogance, and I was glad to see she still held the same qualities in the present. She never yells and hardly ever raises her voice, much less fall apart to where she experiences a loss of control. These are admirable, loveable traits and Kim Yoon Hee is one of the lucky few, especially in Dramaland, to possess them.

2. Kim Yoon Hee is benevolent.

WCW_Kim Yoon Hee_Benevolent

She always places the needs of others before hers and she doesn’t set out to intentionally hurt anyone. Her kindness is attractive and Kim Yoon Hee is easily satisfied with life, having been given a second chance, after all, but most importantly, the way she handles a tough situation is a clear indication of the kind of woman that she is. When she reunited with Seo In Ha, she was determined to remain only as friends with him, which meant their lives would be kept simple. When she began a relationship with him, she was concerned about Baek Hye Jung, his ex-wife and her college friend. Finally, when Kim Yoon Hee realized how her relationship was negatively affecting her daughter, Jung Ha Na, she stepped on the breaks as quickly as she could. This leads to…

3. She’s one of the best mothers I’ve ever seen.

WCW_Kim Yoon Hee_Mother

Honestly! With all the crazies out there in Dramaland as mothers, one would think Koreans were complete lunatics, but Kim Yoon Hee disproves that assumption in every single way. Her sole purpose is seeing her daughter happy, which is already more than what I can say about a large majority of drama mothers. She never tries to control Jung Ha Na and gives her the freedom to live her life, act like an adult, and take responsibilities for her own actions. Kim Yoon Hee never dictates, only loves.

She doesn’t even scold Jung Ha Na, but she never gives her mother a reason to anyway, which means that she was raised well. Unlike other adult figures with dark secrets or evil streaks, Kim Yoon Hee has none of that. Of course, she hurts her daughter by falling in love with Seo In Ha all over again, but that’s because she didn’t know the familial ties. Once Kim Yoon Hee realized the truth, she broke off her relationship in order to give happiness to her daughter with the love of her life, Seo Joon.

Lastly, Kim Yoon Hee never beats her daughter or mistreats her – not even in a joking manner. There is a mutual respect between the two of them and that’s such a rarity. She clearly cherishes her daughter above all else and her wonderful mothering skills makes her one of the best role models I’ve seen to date.

4. She’s completely genuine.

WCW_Kim Yoon Hee_Genuine

Tying in with the other reasons listed above, Kim Yoon Hee does not possess the ability to pull off being fake or sporting a front. Everything you see is everything you get. There are no trap doors or secret passages. She doesn’t have a nasty side just waiting to emerge and claw you in the face – or back. She doesn’t physically smile while mentally sneering, even if that’s the kind of treatment she gets from those who look down on her. Kim Yoon Hee is the better person by rising above that kind of behavior by being utterly wholesome and intelligent. She’s soft, but not fragile, making her a perfectly balanced woman. How refreshing!

5. Kim Yoon Hee doesn’t need love.

WCW_Kim Yoon Hee_Love

She wants love, but she doesn’t need it. When she parted ways with Seo In Ha back in the 1970s, it was of her own accord. She loved him, but she chose to let him go partly because of the wedge she had drove between him and his friends and partly because she was ill and needed to seek treatment in the U.S. She didn’t feel like she couldn’t live without him and she confidently walked towards her future. While Kim Yoon Hee missed him and their love that ended too soon over the years, she still fell in love, got married, and had a child. When he passed away, she mourned because she had truly loved him.

When Kim Yoon Hee reunited with Seo In Ha by fate, she still didn’t need love. She didn’t fall into his arms, but held him at a distance. She reminisced and felt nostalgic, a sense of longing, but it wasn’t necessary for them to actually be together. Her ultimate decision to be with him was a slow, considerate one. She never threw caution to the wind and honestly considered the pros and cons of being in a relationship.

Kim Yoon Hee’s love for her daughter prevailed over the love she held for Seo In Ha and when she chose to let him go in order for Jung Ha Na to pursue her relationship with Seo Joon again, she was showing, once again, that love was not a necessity. She was hurt that they had to be apart again, but she knew she could continue living her life.

She didn’t turn to alcohol or drugs. She didn’t go crazy with her desire to keep him beside her or demand that he stay. She didn’t become suicidal or try to inflict hurt on others because of her own pain. She most definitely didn’t forsake her daughter or Seo Joon for her own love. (Yes, Baek Hye Jung, I’m totally looking at you in comparison here, you psycho!)

Her mentality was completely normal and, dare I say it, empowering. There are so many characters out there who lose themselves when love leaves them, but Kim Yoon Hee is the exact opposite.

And that, to me, makes her crush-worthy, admirable, and a great example to follow. What did you think? Which trait did you like best? Let me know in the comments below and here’s a last reminder to send in any of your nominations for next week’s Mystery Reveal!

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